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Fantasy inspired miniatures and chainmail

Welcome to CustomDungeon!

Here you’ll find three-dimensional artwork to adorn your body and your home. Our chainmail section offers jewelry hand-woven with anodized aluminum rings. The HirstArts area features terrain and architecture for role-playing and tabletop strategy games such as Dungeons and Dragons or Warhammer 40K, built under license using HirstArts’ molds cast in dental plaster. Finally, our miniatures gallery displays our hand-painted miniatures for gaming and display.


All of our products are displayed in gallery form. Sometimes, the terrain and chainmail items pictured are available for order right away, but any of the items you see can be custom-built when requested. If you see something you like, but would like it in a different color or size we can accommodate most custom requests. All you have to do is ask!


Our miniatures are generally painted on an as-needed basis, meaning the exact minis pictured are not usually available for purchase. You can, of course, ask for a copy of any particular mini you see. Better still, if you have a particular miniature you would like us to paint for you, we’re happy to do that as well!


For information regarding any orders, including prices or details about our current production queue, please contact us.

About Us

CustomDungeon Creations is the home for the artistic handicrafts of a pair of theater artists who spend their spare time making things which entertain their inner geeks.

 Since 2006, CustomDungeon Creations has been officially licensed by Hirst Arts as a seller of miniature gaming terrain.  In the past few years, our interests have expanded into miniature painting and dabbling in chainmail crafting, as well.  It seemed high time to consolidate the website into a gallery encompassing all the various mediums we work in, the better to share our work with others!

Much of our work is available for sale, and we are happy to take on commissions as our workload allows.  For more details, see our commissions page.


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